Night Night

An ex-FBI agent is called upon to help solve a particularly tough case, and along the way the sad circumstances surrounding her sudden resignation are unearthed.

My first original project was a YA Crime Novella, entitled Night Night. It centered around ex-FBI Agent, Erin Frost, her younger brother Jason, and an FBI Agent by the name of Ace Steel. It’s out now for Paperback and Kindle!

Ex-FBI Agent Erin Frost is perfectly happy living with her brother on their family’s farm in tiny Autumnstone, South Carolina. When a group of hackers start hacking into the computers in research institute in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, the FBI is at a loss. Erin is called upon to solve the case, jerked out of her life, and caught in a race with time to bring the hackers down before anyone else dies. Along the way, however her most guarded secrets are revealed.

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