My Favorite Conspiracy Theories

Hello fellow life-forms! (Human or otherwise) Do you need something to talk about with your family at Christmas dinner to distract them from well meaning questions about your current relationship status? Never fear, I am here to help! Today, I am going present you with several conspiracy theories that are perfect for the purpose of misdirection.

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#1 There is a hidden sound in The Middle by Zedd and Maren Morris to make our brains like it

I know it sounds ridiculous, but stay with me. You remember this song right? It was a smash hit, reaching Number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100, selling 734,000 copies in the United States alone as of November 2018. It has also been nominated for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance at the 2019 Grammy Awards. Every YouTuber on the internet covered it. Basically, everyone loved it. I liked it, and I don’t even like overly electronic, produced music like this. I had it stuck in my head forever, and still listen to it occasionally. 

So why did everyone like it so much? Here’s the theory: There is a sound that plays in the chorus of this song that is supposedly just a vocal pitched up really high. But what if that’s not all it is? What if it’s actually a specific sound that tricks your brain into liking the song and therefore buying the song?

Take a listen, and pay close attention to the chorus. There is a sound that first plays at the :48 second mark, and reoccurs throughout the song.

Did you hear it? Nothing out of the ordinary for a song in this genre, right? Or is it?

Some theorists believe that Zedd figured out that this sound tricks your brain into loving a song, so he put it into “The Middle.”

Do I believe it? I do actually partially believe this theory. Though I don’t think Zedd put this sound into his song because he knew what it did, I do believe it is possible that something about this sound tricks our brains into liking the song. Our brains are really weird, anything is possible.

#2 Mattress Firm is a money laundering scheme

I know, crazy right? But take a look. Right now, go on Google Maps and search for Mattress Firms in your area. How many are there? A lot right? And all in really close proximity to each other.

Screen Shot 2018-12-23 at 1.21.19 PM

You can’t tell from this picture, but this is a 2 mile stretch of highway.

Why do you need that many mattress stores? People buy a mattress once every ten years, maybe. So why are there mattress stores everywhere? And why, whenever you go past them, are they always completely empty? Seems like it would be pretty hard to keep that many open don’t you think?

That’s where the theory comes in. What if the income isn’t actually coming from selling mattresses, but from illicit goods? When money laundering, you want to spread out the income over as many different places as possible to throw off suspicion, which would explain the high concentration of mattress stores. That’s how they all stay in business. They make money from selling illicit substances, and write it off as money made from selling mattresses. 

Do I believe it? Maybe. It’s not the craziest idea, but after this theory got a lot of press it was debunked by a few different sources.

#3 What’s up with the Bermuda Triangle?

The infamous Bermuda Triangle, the area of the ocean where hundreds of ships and planes have disappeared without a trace throughout history. The question is, what happened to them? Theories abound and I’m going to discuss a few of my favorites.

#1 Methane Bubbles

It is known that methane hydrate gas is trapped in sediment at the bottom of the ocean. It escapes these sediments in small bubbles and rises to the surface. As it rises, the bubble get bigger, even bigger than ships. When a ship sails over one of these bubbles floating just below the surface, it breaks and the ship falls into the hollow bubble, which then pulls it right to the bottom, never to be seen again. 

Now sure, that might explain the ships, but what about the planes? Well, when the air is saturated with methane, it can become incredibly turbulent. This can cause planes to crash and subsequently sink to the bottom of the ocean because of the lack of water density. The gas is also highly combustible. When the air is saturated, planes flying over can trigger explosions and catch fire or blow themselves up.

In 2014, craters were found in Siberia that scientist believe were caused by explosions resulting from release of methane hydrate gas.  If a ship is sailing over at the time of the explosion it can be blown up and dragged to the ocean floor. These explosions can even reach high enough to knock planes out of the sky.

Do I believe it? Again, maybe. No one really knows why so many planes and ships go missing in this area, and the disappearances date back to the time of Christopher Columbus. The ocean is huge, and we don’t actually know that much about it considering how big it is. It’s definitely possible, though the conditions in the Bermuda Triangle aren’t quite right for phenomenon like this.

#2 Electronic Fog

This one is my personal favorite. Electronic fog is the name given for a phenomenon where electromagnetic fields form randomly over the ocean. These fields engulf a ship or plane and follow it. Pretty quickly, all instruments and other electronics start malfunctioning. You can quickly become disoriented and unaware of time passing. Finally the ship or airplane disintegrates without a trace.

I know, sounds insane, but this phenomenon has actually been experienced by pilots. In 1970, a pilot named Bruce Gernon was flying his plane with his father over the Bermuda Triangle. As they were flying an elliptical shaped cloud formed ahead of them near the Bimini Islands. (Remember those, we’re going to talk about them in a minute) He couldn’t avoid it, and it engulfed the plane, forming a ring around it. When they entered the cloud, he says, “It became dark and black, without rain…There were no lightning bolts, only extraordinarily bright white flashes that would illuminate the entire surrounding area. The deeper we penetrated, the more intense the flashes became.” They kept flying, thinking they could go around it. He saw a gap in the cloud and decided to fly toward it to try and get out. As he flew, it started to close and form a hole, until it was a tunnel a mile wide with blue sky at the end. It took him 20 seconds to get out of the tunnel, but he says, “For about five seconds I had the strange feeling of weightlessness and an increased forward momentum. When I looked back, I gasped to see the tunnel walls collapse and form a slit that slowly rotated clockwise.” At that point all of his instruments started malfunctioning. When he contacted the Miami radar controller and told him where he was, the controller said he couldn’t see a plane anywhere in the area. At some point tunnel changed and “everything was a dull, grayish white haze. Visibility seemed like more than two miles, yet we could not see the ocean, the horizon, or the sky. The air was very stable and there was no lightning or rain.” They were in the fog for three minutes before the controller radioed them and said there was an airplane directly over Miami Beach. He told the controller that must have been a different plane, they were 90 miles southwest Miami. That’s when the fog broke apart in a way that fog is not supposed to break apart. “Long horizontal lines appeared in the fog on either side of us. The lines widened into slits about four or five miles long. We saw blue sky through them. The slits continued expanding and joined together. Within eight seconds, all the slits had joined, and the gray fog had disappeared. All I could see was brilliant blue sky as my pupils adjusted to the abrupt increase in brightness. Then, I saw the barrier island of Miami Beach directly below.” In total, he took off from Andros and flew to Palm Beach in about 47 minutes. That’s a 75 minute, 250 mile flight. (If you’re interested, you can read his entire account here.)

Yeah sure, he’s just insane and making things up. Also, how does this make any sense since he’s not dead and his plane didn’t disintegrate? Listen to this. In 1979, a scientist named John Hutchison found out that when electromagnetic fields of different wavelengths interplay, they create strange phenomenon, such as water swirling inside a cup, objects mysteriously rising from the ground and floating around, sometimes even shooting off in random directions at great speeds. In some cases, mirrors would break outside of his house, and neighbors would complain of objects in their houses rising off the floor. All this was caused by Hutchison’s instruments running off the power of his apartment in close proximity to each other. Hutchison himself observed this electronic fog while conducting high-voltage experiments, and agreed that it is possible these fields can be formed by nature, and in the right situation can completely disintegrate aircraft or ships. 

Do I believe it? I mean, nature is weird it’s not insane to believe something like this could happen. However, it is necessary to note that Hutchison isn’t the most reliable source. He can no longer duplicate these effects he claimed to have discovered. (Also, several tapes of the effects were proven to be fake) What’s his reasoning for not being able to do it anymore you ask? He was coerced by the government who destroyed his work and used his technology to do 9/11. Yeah, he actually said that. I’ll let you decide whether or not you want to believe him.

#3 Atlantis

Go ahead and laugh at me. I’ll wait. 

You done? Good, let’s move on.

There has been actual evidence found that the city of Atlantis was located in this area. The legends speak of rock formations on the ocean floor known as the Bimini Road. Remember I told you we’d be talking about the Bimini Islands later? In 1968, while diving off the coast of the North Bimini Island, Joseph Manson Valentine, Jacques Mayol, and Robert Angove, discovered this:


A half-mile stretch of what looks like paving stones which ran northwest-southwest. Two other similar, though shorter, stretches were discovered shoreward of these. After examination, Researchers wrote them off as naturally occuring, but theorists argue that they look awfully man-made–too even and perfect–to be naturally formed. They believe these formations are the walls and roads of Atlantis.

But, what does this have to do with disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle?

Well, legends state that Atlantis depended on these special energy crystals which radiated massive amounts of energy. Theorists speculate that these crystals cause the instruments of passing ships and aircraft to malfunction. In fact these crystals are even powerful enough to completely disintegrate any ship or aircraft that comes near.

Further fuel was added to this theory in 2001 when a marine engineer and her husband were doing a survey for the Cuban government and discovered this off the coast:


Note: This is not an actual image, it was constructed based on a sonar scan of the seafloor

Theorists believe this is Atlantis, while scientists are baffled by how deep the city is. At depths between 2,000 and 2,460 feet, the best they can figure is that Carribean Sea, like the Mediterranean, was dry and landlocked at some point in its geological history.  That period would have been when the city was built. This article explains the theory of the city much better than I can.

Do I believe it? Short answer: No. Long answer: I do believe in Atlantis, but not as this huge marvel that had technology that we don’t even have today. I believe it exists, and that it is just like Pompeii: an ordinary city that got wiped off the map by a freak natural incident.

That’s all for me today, I hope you now have some great topics to discuss over dinner. And keep in mind, if disagreements over these conspiracy theories start a giant family feud, don’t blame me. I will deny everything.

If you enjoyed this and would like to see more conspiracy posts, leave me a comment!  I’d love to write more, and I’m open to suggestions if you have any favorites you’d like to see talked about!

See you next time!


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