7777 Blog Tag

I was tagged by R.M. Archer over at Scribes and Archers to do the 7777 Blog Tag! You can see her snippets here.


(Featuring this aesthetically pleasing picture of the ocean, because why not.)

The rules:

  1. Open WIP to the seventh page
  2. Scroll past the seventh line
  3. Copy the next seven paragraphs…. and paste them on your blog for THE WORLD to read
  4. Tag seven people!

This excerpt is a little weird because it cuts off the beginning of the conversation, but here it is:

“About a quarter mile southwest of the ship,” Caze replies. “You know I’m going to report you to Commodore Korb.”

I take a bearing on my compass and head on my way. “I would expect nothing less of the finest captain in the Cove.”

“Are you being sarcastic?”


When I reach the Spitfire, I untie the mooring line and kick up to the surface. Caze is standing in the little sailboat with his arms crossed and an angry look on his tanned face. The wind is blowing lightly through is curly brown hair. He’s mad at me. “You look very majestic,” I say, pulling off my fins and tossing them into the boat. Now, he’s trying not to laugh at me.

He silently takes the mooring line from me and grabs my forearm to help me into the boat. “You’re an idiot,” he informs me.

I give him a cocky grin. “But, I’m your favorite idiot.”

This is going to make a pretty short blog post so let’s extend it a little. Who wants a snippet from Night Night too?

I thought you might. This one also cuts off the beginning of the conversation, but here you go:

“And I have to replace the rotted floorboards where the roof leaked in the loft so we can store that hay,” Jason said.

“Right, and then I need to fix the leak in the roof so that doesn’t happen again,” Erin finished.  “I’ll take Buttercup with me since you’ll be in the loft, and she probably shouldn’t be up there.”

“All right,” Jason agreed. “Oh, and we need to get the stuff to fix that hole in the fence where the coyotes got in yesterday.”

“Right, I’d almost forgotten,” she said. “You should be able to fix the floor by the time I’ve gotten back with the hay, and then you and Buttercup can take my truck to get the stuff to fix the fence.” She gave her brother a scathing look, “If you would drive a sensible car instead of that stupid Mustang, you could go get the stuff to fix the fence while I got the hay. We could get this stuff done a lot faster.”

Jason rolled his eyes, “What is your issue with my car?”

“It isn’t functional, there’s no cargo space, and especially not enough to do farm jobs,” Erin told her brother in a tone that suggested they’d been over this too many times.

“I never make you drive it,” Jason reasoned.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, it still isn’t functional,” Erin said boredly.

As I’m sure you can imagine, their day got a lot more interesting than those farm chores. Want to know what happened? You should go buy Night Night on Amazon.

I’m not going to tag anybody, so if you would like to this, feel free!

All right, that’s it for this post y’all! If you liked what you saw, please consider liking, commenting, and subscribing! See ya soon!


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