Cliché by Allison Rose and Aerin S. Grey



Plot: 5/5

Characters: 5/5

World: 5/5

Overall: 15/15


Handsome rogue Xander Portmanteau has a problem. He’s the only chauvinist left in the feminist fantasy realm of Landria, whose problematically patriarchal tendencies have not been smashed. Why? Because his authoress, Jen Penrose and her (totally unrelated) protagonist, the elegant and opinionated Lady Jen, are madly in love with him.

Lyra Jones is in a similar bind with her author, pulp fiction aficionado Ryan Petrie. Try as he might to write that perfect strong, female protagonist, he’s falling back on old habits. Lyra knows she needs more than an impractically scant suit of armor and the emotional range of a Barzümian monkey-lizard to be the best Space Huntress on the moon. But can she prove it to Ryan?

With a little help from a mysterious, magical intermediary known only as the Guardian, these two poorly-written protagonists emerge from their manuscripts’ pages to confront their poorly writers….

Disclaimer: I was given an advance reader copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Hey, peoples! What’s up? Today I am here to review Cliché by Allison Rose and Aerin S. Grey. First of all, this was a great book and you all need to go buy it right now! (Links will be provided at the end of the post.) Let’s jump into why this was such a good book.


…that was my transition noise…ya know, like in YouTube videos. Did anyone appreciate that? I figured not. Moving on.

The plot of this book was really unique. I’ve only seen one other book idea where the characters jump out of the book to talk to their authors, and that book has them coming out to bother their author under completely different circumstances. Not only was this plot unique, it was also well-written and fast-paced. It’s hard to find a book that has a unique plot, is well-written, and has good pacing.

The characters in Cliché were also very well done. As the title states, both characters are about as clichéd as they come. Xander is a perfect representation of the male character in YA books who is basically a rude, selfish, idiot that everyone loves and forgets about these flaws purely because he’s really good-looking. You know, the kind where we have to suffer through paragraphs of metaphors about his eye and hair color every time we see him? Yeah, that kind. Lyra, is also a perfect representation of the “strong” female characters so often seen in YA. (Usually YA written by men, coincidentally, as her author in the book is a man.) She’s kind of jerk, kills constantly without remorse, and is generally personalityless. (Hush, I say that can be a word. My blog, my rules.) At least, that’s how she’s written. When she comes out of her book, she’s completely different. She’s still sassy and sarcastic, (which is my favorite kind of character, honestly) but she’s not without remorse. All the people that her author made her kill, she regrets and has nightmares about. I thought this was a great twist. Xander didn’t become anymore likable out of his book, but Lyra did.

There isn’t really much to say about the world in Cliché. It takes place in the present day in a normal city. The only thing that’s particularly special about the world, I’m not going to say, because it’s a potential spoiler, but I promise you it’s really cool!

That’s about all I’ve got to say about Cliché by Allison Rose and Aerin S. Grey. Do you want to read it? I should hope so. You can get it on Amazon in paperback or Kindle format.

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