Why I Didn’t Like Spiderman Homecoming

So, I tweeted that I didn’t like Spiderman Homecoming and asked if I was the only one who thought so. Apparently, I was. It was suggested that I write a blog post to explain why I didn’t like it, so here I am.

Obviously, there will be spoilers for Spiderman Homecoming below this point.


1. The movie took a while to get to the actual point of the plot. The worst kind of movie is a slow one. The first thirty minutes or so of the movie were just Peter running around doing random stuff and trying to get Tony Stark to give him a mission. I get they were trying to make a point, but that point could have been made in 15 minutes.

2. By Marvel standards, it wasn’t that funny. Marvel movies are usually pretty funny. Marvel movies usually have me laughing out loud at several points throughout. I thought there were two or three points in this one that were kind of funny. All of them included MJ. (Who deserved *way* more screen time by the way.) I could see several points where they were trying to be funny, but it didn’t really work.

3. The plot was weak and flat. There was just a random villain who we’ve never heard of before who just happened to have the means to make super powerful weapons out of the leftover junk from the previous invasions. Really? You’re that desperate? It kinda makes it obvious the only reason the movie was made was to introduce Tom Holland as Spiderman.

4. Two characters with the most screen-time, Ned and Liz, were flat and useless. I just really didn’t see why they were there. If Ned was there for comic relief, they amazingly failed. He wasn’t funny, and if anything he was just constantly in the way and incredibly irritating. Liz, same thing. She was there to be Peter’s crush and a connection to the villain. Nothing else. Also out of all the “high school students” in that movie, she looked the least like one. Don’t ask me why that bothered me, it just did. You know who both of them could have been replaced with who would have been 100 times funnier and more interesting? MJ. I mean just look at her:


She emanates sarcasm. You can feel the sarcasm coming off her in waves. All the glorious sarcasm we missed out on because Ned and Liz stole all the screen time she rightfully deserved. (Can you see who my favorite character here was?)

5. The “plot twist,” though it was surprising, really made no sense. “Oh yeah, Peter’s crush who he went to the dance with just happens to be the daughter of his newly found archenemy.” That felt like grasping for strings to connect things that really didn’t need to be connected. It was kinda pointless.

All right that’s all I’ve got for today. I’ll be back later to talk about Solo: A Star Wars Story. I have lots of thoughts on it. In the meantime, I will gladly listen to everybody else’s opinions on Spiderman. You can even yell at me if you want. I’ll give you the same look MJ is giving the boys in the picture above.

Okay, I’m leaving now. Bye.


7 thoughts on “Why I Didn’t Like Spiderman Homecoming”

  1. Haha! I had some similar thoughts. I LOVED MJ and wanted more of her. Although I liked Tom Holland as Spiderman, I wasn’t always sure what the stakes of the film were. The fact that Liz was the bad guy’s daughter definitely felt contrived. And honestly, I thought Tony was super hypocritical. Peter’s concerns about the bad guy were legitimate and Tony wouldn’t listen. And then when Peter tries to do something to actually help and people on the ferry are in trouble (this happens in every superhero movie ever), Tony is all shocked and disappointed. It was confusing to me. It was like a superhero movie criticizing superhero movies. So what Peter does on the ferry is not heroic, but what he does at the end IS heroic??

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  2. I can yell at you?!?!? Awesome. Just kidding. XD I love reading bashes of my favorite movies, and I think you did a good job. 😀 I’m with you on the humor. There wasn’t a whole lot there (except when Peter is using his suit’s voice intimidation tool thingie, you have to admit that was pretty funny). But I did love the plot, thought the villain was very realistic with a well done background and believable motive. I, too, am not a fan of Liz. I LOVED the plot twist though, with her ending up being Vulcan’s daughter, it really helped move the plot along.

    Another thing others would dislike about this movie is that it’s “small” and not as grandscale as other Avengers movies. Peter’s role isn’t as amazing as Captain America’s. There was no world threat. The main character is just a nerdy teenager who’s discovering his new powers, and though I love that aspect, other people might not find it wildly exciting either. But I didn’t care whether or not the problems were big or not; I just really liked Spiderman’s character, the plot/plot twist, and focus on a good Marvel villain. Especially the very end, when Peter’s arc is finalized in declining the offer to join the Avengers—his main motive in the beginning that he tried to accomplish throughout the movie until he learned that he could be a hero without the suit—and a good hero at that.

    So, there’s my two cents. XD I did write a blog post of the movie review last summer, if you’d like to read a more extensive rant. 😀

    Anyhow, great job for proudly voicing your opinion about an otherwise widely praised and accepted film! I love hearing about different peoples’ opinions and discussing different sides. 😀

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