Out of Darkness by E.B. Dawson



Plot: 4.5/5

Characters: 4.5/5

World: 5/5 

Overall: 14/15



I’ve read a lot of new books in the past few months. Only a few of them were actually good. This one, was incredibly good. There were a few minor problems with it, but I think those things were just my personal preference and no fault of the author’s.

Let’s start off by talking about the plot. First of all, it was written in a non-linear style. I’ve never read a book told in that style and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Another thing I loved about this book was the constant action. Every single chapter had something happen in it that either pushed the plot forward or developed the characters. The only complaint I had about the plot was not really about the plot itself, it was more that the non-linear storyline was a little confusing because there were no cues to tell you how far into the future/past the new section was taking place. However, after reading the whole book, everything makes sense, and as I prefaced this with, I don’t think this was the author’s fault at all, I think it’s just a personal preference.

Next let me talk about the characters. I’ll start off with Dawson’s own words about Logan Bailey/Jack Simon (the main character):

I wrote this book because I wanted a story about a girl who had every reason to call herself a victim of her circumstances but chose to rise above, who was trapped and manipulated, but maintained her freedom, and to explore the concepts of identity and destiny.

This, right here was basically the best thing about this book. I can say with certainty, that Dawson did her job very well. Logan was forced into a training program to protect her family. She was manipulated constantly, until she quit calling herself Logan Bailey and started going by Jack Simon. Half the stuff she ever got told was a lie. As Dawson said, Jack had every right to call herself a victim of her circumstances, but she didn’t. Jack is an amazingly written character. Of course the others are fantastic as well, but Jack really sticks out to me. The one small thing I did not like about the characters is that I never really had a good idea of what any of them looked like. Again, this is a personal preference. I know some people like to leave it up to the reader to imagine what the characters look like, but I, as a reader, prefer to know exactly what a character looks like. I think that’s mostly because, as a writer, I want to know exactly how a character was imagined in their author’s head.

Let’s talk about the world this story is set in, because it’s pretty cool. First of all, it’s not hugely different from our current world. It’s set on Earth in the future. (Luckily we haven’t completely destroyed everything yet.) It’s pretty much the same as it is now, except for a few key differences. One thing, that I found very interesting and unique about this world, is the use of a point system to dictate people’s place in society. Their job/school and actions dictate their point score, which in turn dictate where they can shop, what restaurants they can eat at, and where they can go to school. I thought this was an interesting twist on how society is structured in most of the future-set books I’ve read.

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If you want to read, Out of Darkness, (which you should) you can find it on Amazon. If you want to follow E.B. Dawson, (again, you should) you can find her on her blog, Twitter, InstagramFacebook, and Goodreads.


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