My new project is…

Remember that new project I told y’all about last week? The one I said I’d be talking about in my next post? Well, this is that post.

Are you ready for it?

I don’t think you are.

Drumroll, please!



ROTHC Temporary Cover.jpg




Okay, I’m good now.

Few things before we get started:

  1. This is a temporary cover, it is unlikely that this one will be published.
  2. Raiders of the Hidden Cove is the name of series, not the book. I don’t have a title for the book yet.
  3. I am not responsible for any damage my characters cause. I am not the boss of them; they do not listen to me.

Anyway, let my introduce you to the two main characters. Twin siblings, Kalyah (pronounced Ka-LIE-ah) and Caze Tamesis.

Everybody wave. Okay, stop waving at your computer before someone sees you and thinks you’ve gone insane. Oh wait, we’re writers; we’re already insane. Never mind, carry on.

Anyway, yeah, those are my two main characters, and they’re absolute opposites. Kalyah is reckless, cocky, stubborn, and cynical. Caze is logical, smart, calm, and really protective of his sister. See? Complete opposites.

Now let’s talk about the plot and setting a little. Not too much though, I’m only about a quarter of the way through writing it, and I wouldn’t want to spoil too much.

Raiders of the Hidden Cove, is a duology (possibly trilogy, I had an idea for a third book as I was writing this) taking place in post-apocalyptic earth, revolving around a group of pirates who are genetically modified to live underwater. Why pirates you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. The government that rules the world three thousand years from now is evil. In fact, it is slowly killing off the rest of the world’s population so that only the best are still alive. Also, did I mention that the resources on earth are running out? No? Well, now you know. Anyway, it’s the pirates’ mission to build a city underwater where the rest of the population can move to escape the government. In the meantime, they attack the boats taking shipments of supplies to government officials and give them to people who actually need them. Think underwater Robin Hood in the future.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention there’s also two different factions of sea-elves, the Dairean (benevolent elves) and the Sholcosh (evil elves), who are in a war with each other. And Kalyah may or may not have a crush on the High Prince of the Dairean. Don’t look at me like that, I’m not the boss of her! No one is the boss of her.

Okay, well I think that’s about all I can reveal right now y’all. If you have any questions, leave ’em in the comments and I might answer them. No promises though. If you liked what you read take a look around and, please consider liking, commenting, and subscribing.

I’ll be back next week with…something…I have no idea what.

So long, y’all!


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