Bookworm Q&A Tag

Susannah Metzler at Tea With Tumnus tagged me to do The Book Habits and Currently Reading Q&A Tag.  I can’t wait to answer these questions, and everyone should make sure to check out Susannah’s blog. She’s pretty cool!

Blog post format

Q1: What books do you remember reading that kick-started your bookworm habit?

Probably the A to Z Mystery Series and The Boxcar Children. Those were my childhood favorite books. I’ll still read The Boxcar Children books if I ever come across one I haven’t read. Or one I have. What can I say? They’re awesome!

Q2: What genre, or genres, would you normally choose? 

Hmm, mostly Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Mystery/Crime.

Q3: Do you eat while you read and if yes, what exactly?

Well, I’ll pretty much eat anything while I do anything, so…

Q4: Are there any scenes from your favorite novels that you remember vividly?

Not really. (Oops?)

Q5: Were there any least favorites?

Divergent. That’s the first word that comes to mind. There’s others, including all the Maze Runner books after the first one, but Divergent destroys them all.

Q6: So, as you’re a bookworm, what are you reading currently today? (Optional)

I’m reading the novelization of The Last Jedi by Jason Fry.

Q7: How’s it getting along for you? (Optional)

Well, it’s due back to the library on the 26th and I’ve only read the prologue, so I think that kind of sums it up.

Q8: Have you then got a large bookshelf, or do you plan to?

Well, about one bookshelf in my house is filled with my books, but I read more books from the library than I actually purchase to read. I also have a bunch of ebooks on my phone.

Q9: Do you have a liking to indie or traditional books?

Well, the indie books I’ve read have been absolutely amazing, but I’ve read plenty of traditional books that are pretty bad. I’m thinking Indie might be better.

Q10: And lastly, do you plan to promote reading in some way, or already are?

I don’t know, I mean, I’m writing books for people to read. Does that count?

Thanks for reading! I am tagging Hannah HeathR.M. Archer, and anyone else who wants to join because I really don’t know very many bloggers.

All right that’s all for now y’all! Come back Thursday for a Character Analysis of Natasha Romanoff!


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